Men’s Spring-Summer 2017 Collection
A flair of solar and summer lightness, candy, bright, delicate pastel colors, vivid and precious shades, sumptuous and carnal as blooms of tropical flowers. For the new 120% Lino men’s collection relives the Dolce Vita of the ’60’s that mixes with surprising ease to the refined elegance of yesteryear and the “Fitzgeraldine ” fragrances sur la Côte. An elegant and relaxed silhouette, in white jacket and blue trousers suit.

Deconstructed structures, distinctly smooth and together built and processed. Shirts abandon the classic allwhite to finally embrace the color, chosen in a palette that, starting from the pink ash and various shades of sand, extends to Veronese and grass green, orange and strawberry red, raspberry and coral, blue and blue outremer. Enriched with ethnic prints, mixed with military models and highly sought embroidered details, such as micro polka dots.

The new fabrics chosen by 120% for the next Summer are the terry, the linen- cotton sweatshirt of Japanese inspiration and cold-dyed diagonal, and a new linen-cotton stretch fabric for jackets and comfortable pants. The military mood characterizes trousers, jackets and shirts with front or side pockets.

Do not miss the linen chambray fabric that assumes great importance in the collection, in several indigo shades, both light and dark. Prints in blue shades are combined with floral designs, ethnic designs and embroidery. Micro white dots versus white stripes, geometric and checkered prints characterize the formal pieces. The various shades of blue are obtained with both fade and solid dying, very 120% Lino.

Balances and overlaps the concept of a basic and essential levity, intersected by designs built and supported in the new blue shades prints and geometric prints that enhance and define bermuda shorts, t-shirts and shirts. Ethnic prints characterize t-shirts, jackets and pants. Check and dyed micro dots fabrics mix with embroidered stripes and ethnic details garment dyed . Jackets with fabric in white / red / blue check match with red shorts.