NEW! Linen & Lace combinations

New in our women’s collection are the beautiful linen & lace items that come in dresses, shirt dresses and tunics and in many amazing colors such as grey, white and different shades of blue. The understated linen gives a great contrast to the romantic and feminine lace. You can either wear our collection to chic evenings out or at a pool side party, our timeless linen fashion will definitely keep you “cool” during the upcoming season!

Linen & Lace combinations, new in the 120% Lino collection

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Browse through our online catalog and get excited for the upcoming Spring & Summer season. Are you ready to go shopping? Find your nearest store in the U.S.A. or order by contacting one of our brand stores in Florida.


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In an effort to maintain our exclusivity you can't order online through a webshop. 120% Lino does offer you online personal assistance to help you order your 120% Lino clothes online through chat, phone and/or email. Please chat or email with us if you have any questions or are interested in ordering, so we can check availability of sizes and colors for you. From there we will transfer your order/interest to one of our stores who has your item(s) on stock to help you order this item.