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About 120% Lino


120% Lino is Italy’s foremost fashion brand specialized in linen for men, women and children. High quality materials, innovation, selectivity, and precious fibers are the basis of our brand. Linen clothing is the oldest known textile ever produced. It qualifies as a strong, fine and naturally breathable fabric. The raw linen, a very “cool”, resistant fiber, is selected from the best resources worldwide and printed, embroidered or mixed with silk and cashmere, always in style and in tune with the dominant fashion trends. We offer an understated elegant style, the perfect fit for people who love sophistication and natural elegance either in the city, or during travel, every season of the year.

Unique garment dyeing process


High quality materials, innovation, selectivity, and precious fibers are the basis of our brand. What makes us even more special is our “garment dying”. This intensive process of dying results in one of a kind clothing and beautiful colors. Not one piece is the same and it is therefore unique! Through a wide range of treatments effected on the linen fiber, in particular the “piece dye” process, the linen material acquires a new special identify, which gives our brand the possibility to create collections offering so many different colors and unique clothing items.

The Founder of 120% Lino


In the 1980’s the Italian brand 120% Lino was born from the passion of it’s founder, Alberto Peretto, for high quality natural fabrics. This passion lead the company to concentrate on the manufacturing of fashion collections based on only one material: the pure linen fiber. The brand revisits concepts of Women’s wear, Men’s wear, Children’s wear, Sleep wear and Home textile, reconsidered in an “understated luxury and casual chic” view. Designed for a multifaceted consumer and every age group. 120% Lino is particularly designed for women who are always looking for the latest trends and glamour without forgetting the pleasure of dressing with a luxurious but understated & comfortable look, and for traveling business men who like wearing luxury casual chic during their trips or spare time in the city, on a cruise or at the beach.