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Fashionable Italian linen

natural luxury

120% Lino offers an understated yet luxury style, the perfect fit for people who love sophistication and natural luxury. The new 2019 Cruise Collection takes inspiration from several themes, ranging from artistic to avant-garde. 120% Lino is not only known for their fashionable Italian linen collections, but also for their great accessories. We represent the latest jewelry, shoes and handbags from Italian and French designers.

New prints and fabrics

understated chic

Our artistic part of the new collection is adorned with leaves and flowers embroidered with gold and silver threads and highlighted with lace daisies. A contrast of light is created by the intense white that illuminates with its purity. The linen fabric is enriched by the embellishments and sequin applications on dresses and tunics. For the 2019 season the floral prints turn into graphic elements, with large dimensions and strong contrasts: brightly colored flowers and a new graphic print for long and light dresses, wide skirts, and also trousers with drawstring and tunics.

Novelty of the season

natural elegance

The novelty of the season is the linen-silk combination, natural material that gives a fluid look to long blazers, “palazzo” pants, gaucho trousers and cocktail dresses. The geometry game is again developed on square embroidery and fronts in macramé, with strong colors such as electric blue, pink camellia and the timeless white. The tropical-themed graphic print gives a light and lively look to classic tops, wide skirts with vents, caftans and pool-party dresses with silver zig-zag on the neckline.