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In an effort to maintain our exclusivity you can't order online through a webshop. 120% Lino does offer you online personal assistance to help you order your 120% Lino clothes online through chat, phone and/or email. Please chat or email with us if you have any questions or are interested in ordering, so we can check availability of sizes and colors for you. From there we will transfer your order/interest to one of our stores who has your item(s) on stock to help you order this item.
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Fashionable Italian linen


120% Lino offers an understated yet luxury style, the perfect fit for people who love sophistication and natural elegance. The Cruise Collection has a Middle European theme and is inspired by the folk style with ethnic and geometric graphics and contrasting colors. 120% Lino is not only known for their fashionable Italian linen collections, but also for their great accessories. We represent the latest jewelry, shoes and handbags from Italian and French designers.

Main themes this collection


There are 3 main themes for our women’s collection: The “lingerie” theme comes with romantic lace and applications, fringes in boho-chic style, àjour and  trimmings, transparencies and stretch fabrics that accentuate the silhouette. The “Middle European” theme is inspired by the folk style, with wide shirts and  dresses, embellished with floral-inspired embroideries, strong colors and cross stitch details. The “party” look comes with long linen and silk dresses with funny floral or micro mosaic prints and decorations on the necklines.

Mix of contrasts


The new collection is a mix of contrasts with minimal lines in ton-sur-ton clothes or glitter floral prints with gold and silver shades and sequin decorations. Elegant pyjama suits , maxi dresses, wide leg pants and large t-shirts are the must have pieces for this season. You can either wear our collection to chic evenings out or at a pool side party, our timeless linen fashion will definitely keep you “cool” during the upcoming season!


Spring / Summer 2017 Catalog