Women’s Linen pants

Flattering fits and elegant styles! Discover the latest available collection of linen pants from 120% Lino. Made from the finest Italian linen. Women’s linen pants provide a cool, comfortable feel and a casual, yet polished look. Choose a variety of colors and styles like our classic linen pants, wide legged or cropped linen pants.

  • Women’s stretchy linen fold-up capri pants in a lamina metallic stam print. Comes with a side zipper and features a fold up hem and side slits.
    • 100% linen
    • Comes in color: wood rose
    • Made in Europe
  • Wide silk layered linen palazzo pants that billow elegantly with each step, features a colorful animale print. Light and wide trousers, with a low waist. The different layers of fabric create transparency and movement. The elastic waistband makes the garment comfortable and practical, suitable for all body shapes.
  • Ankle-long trousers a waistband from which start two wide pleats, and side pockets. The garment has an elastic band in the centre-back of the waistband, making it more comfortable, and does not present any fastening. The fabric is 100% dyed linen. Comes in regular and faded dye. The ‘fade’ dye gives the garment a unique vintage look.
    • 100% linen
    • Comes in color: white, airy blue, navy blue, blue china, sand, sky fade
    • Made in Europe
  • Tight-fit trousers, long just above the ankle. On the front, they present two French pockets and, on the back, two welt pockets. They have a waistband with belt loops, which closes on the front with fly, zip and one button. The trousers are made of dyed linen, mixed with cotton and elastane to create a stretchy material that fits tight yet comfortable.
    • 60% Flax / Linen, 38% Cotton, 2% Elastane
    • Comes in color: white, blue china, navy blue, almond, light grey, baby blue
    • Made in Europe
  • One of 120% Lino’s signature pieces is this women’s stretchy linen capri pants with side slits. Comes with a side zipper and features a fold up hem.
  • Long, straight trousers, with a soft and flowing cut. The drawstring at the waist allows to adjust the closure. The simple and essential construction is enhanced by the material, 100% linen dyed, whose ‘fade’ dye gives the garment a vintage flair.

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