How to care for linen clothing

Linen is comprised of long fibers found in the stalk of the flax plant. These natural “yarns” wick moisture away from the skin to help create the fabric’s light, airy feeling. The “breathing” fibers can be quite firm, once they bend, they stay bent, and the result is linen’s trademark wrinkles. So how are you supposed to wash, dry and iron your linen garments? 120% Lino would like to inform you on how to take care of linen clothing.


Washing linen clothing
Linen clothing can be machine-washed in a gentle cycle in warm water and not necessarily need to be hand-washed or dry-cleaned. Repeated hand or machine washings make linen soft, and eventually reducing wrinkling, while dry cleaning keeps it crisp and new-looking. And like with most garments, it’s a good idea to read our care labels before washing.

Drying and ironing your linen clothes
It’s in linen’s best interest to never see the inside of a dryer. Ideally, you should let a freshly-washed linen garment air-dry, whether by laying it flat on a towel or hanging it from a padded wooden hanger. If you’re ironing linen, do so on a high setting, while the garment is still damp. The dampness guards against burning the linen; the fabric dries quite fast. Iron first on the inside of the garment to remove wrinkles, and then on the outside to create a nice sheen. Also, be sure to iron until the linen is smooth , not dry. When it’s to your liking, begin air-drying. As well, avoid folding your linen items; hanging is preferable.

Tip! When wearing linen suit or pants…
If you wear a linen suit or pants regularly, get in the habit of always pulling your pants up from the knees before you sit down. This keeps the fabric stiff between your knees and waist, and avoids the excess wrinkling in the crotch area that can be brought on by sitting, slouching and so on.